Major planning application approved

Major plans that will create more than 4,000 homes in Ebbsfleet Garden City have been approved, which will bring two new villages to the region.

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation’s planning committee approved masterplans and design codes in June for the villages of Ashmere and Alkerden.

Up to 4,600 homes will be created across the two new villages, in an area known historically as Eastern Quarry, which is now being named Whitecliffe.

This is in addition to the 1,600 homes in Castle Hill to the east that are currently being created and where new communities have already formed.

The plans include how Whitecliffe will develop with details on street design, public realm and street planting.

Mark Pullin, chief planning officer at Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, said: “These are two very important decisions which define how the biggest part of Ebbsfleet Garden City will be shaped over the years to come.”

The 667-acre site is close to London, Bluewater Shopping Centre and transport links such as Ebbsfleet International railway station.

Site owners Henley Camland will provide the roads and services to land parcels that will be developed by a range of housebuilders, commercial and community investors

Michael Cassidy, chairman of Ebbsfleet Development Corporation’s board and who sat on the planning committee, said: “The process of giving planning permission for the ‘look and feel’ of the main next phase of housing at Ebbsfleet Garden City marks an historic turning point in the ambitions for this flagship enterprise.

“It shows how intelligent use of planning powers and cooperation from landowners and developers can bring matters to a speedy conclusion and a quality outcome that befits a Garden City.”

At the heart of Alkerden will be a new market centre with commercial, retail and community facilities and approximately 1,500 new homes.

It will have a primary and secondary education campus, library, sports facilities and a mixed-use centre, as well as shops and cafes, business space, a doctor’s surgery and gym.

The approval also provides a vision for a major urban park, which will run through the centre of Whitecliffe.

Last year social housing provider Clarion and developer Countryside entered into a joint venture to provide up to 2,600 new homes on the site in Ashmere.