Castle Hill expansion

Housing association Clarion Group will build 42 homes at Castle Hill, all of them for shared ownership or rent at an affordable rate.

The new properties will have between two and four bedrooms, according to plans approved by the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation on 19 April.

Part of Eastern Quarry, Castle Hill is the most advanced phase of the Ebbsfleet Garden City development, together with Springhead Park.

All 150 homes making up phase one are occupied.

A further 112 units are being built, 42 of them marketed and sold, with the first residents expected to move in between May and June.

Phase two includes 295 homes. Persimmon Homes has completed 35 and sold 40. Ten are occupied. 

Clarion Group is building an additional 69 apartments, 21 of which released on the market. The first buyers will move in in May.

Infrastructure work is being carried out on phase three, in preparation for the 196 homes which will be built there.

Cherry Orchard Primary Academy, the Garden City’s first school, is due to open at the site in September 2017.